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Master Thesis Position - Analysis of operating strategies during icing conditions

Description of the problem
Icing can during the winter accrete on wind turbine blades which change the shape and the aerodynamical profile of the blades. This reduces the power production compared to normal conditions with clean blades. Ice build-up on blades can under the winter therefore result in large production losses and can also be a health and safety issue with the risk for ice throw. Better understanding of ice build-up and how the turbines are performing during icing conditions are therefore required and investigations into solutions and improvements that can reduce the production losses are of great interest.

Vasa Vind will during the 2022-2023 winter make some tests in one of our wind farms with the aim of finding more optimal strategies for running the turbines during icing conditions and potentially increasing production. The tests consist of both optimized software settings and of alternative operating strategies (start/stop strategies). The tests will generate a lot of data and a lot of data analysis will therefore be needed to assess the benefits of the alternative operating strategies and to better understand turbine behavior during icing conditions. Analysis will be made by comparing test turbines with nearby reference turbines over the winter using various comparisons techniques.

The thesis work can be summarized in the following research questions:
How much can alternative turbine software solutions increase power production during icing conditions?
Can alternative operating strategies during icing conditions increase turbine production?

This thesis is suitable for students at the end of master’s program in Engineering / Mathematics/ Physics / Meteorology or similar. Applicants need strong analytical skills with ability to handle and analyze large data sets in MATLAB or PYTHON. Good knowledge in regression analysis and statistical analysis techniques is meriting. Previous knowledge about wind turbines is a plus but not required.

Thesis location
The thesis student is very welcome to write the thesis at Vasa Vind head office in Solna. We recommend spending at least some of the time in our office, especially during the data analysis phase, since this is expected to contribute to deeper analysis and more learning for both parties.
At least one trip to one of Vasa Vind’s wind farms will be organized during the winter period to also gain some field experience during winter conditions.

Indicative timeline for thesis work:
Start of thesis work: January 2023
Literature review, preparation for analysis and model development: January-February 2023
Data analysis, including uncertainty analysis: March/April 2023
Finalization of thesis: May/June 2023

Applications, including CV and personal letter, shall be sent to erik.holmgren[at] no later than 21st of November 2022.


Anyquestions about the thesis position shall be directed to:
Erik Holmgren

Spontanous Applications

Vasa Vind is growing and need more motivated team members. At the moment we don't have any other positions to fill but we will update this when any opportunity arise. In the meantime, if you are interested to work for us, please send us a spontanous application.

If you are interested, please contact our CEO Mattias Sjöberg. 
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