Vasa Vind is committed to the energy transition and with renewable energy. By constantly increasing renewable energy Vasa Vind is striving for a sustainable future. Onshore wind power is beneficial to the environment, as a sustainable alternative to electricity generated using fossil fuels.
In every development process Vasa Vind strive towards minimizing the environmental impacts, before and during construction.

Community Engagement

Vasa Vind aims to build strong and lasting relationships with the local communities around the project that it develops. For example in the projects of Munkflohögen and Åskälen Vasa Vind has ensured local people and local businesses should benefit from the projects. 

Health and Safety (H&S)

Vasa Vind places the H&S of its employees and sub-contractors at the very top of its list of priorities. All visitors and entrepreneurs should go through an introduction to have the knowledge needed to visit the wind site.