• Status: Permitted since 2010
  • Capacity: 50 MW
  • Number of turbines: approximately 12
  • Location: Strömsund, Jämtland (map link)
  • Planned start of operations: 2021
  • Estimated annual production: 170 GWh

The consented Raftsjöhöjden wind farm is situated northeast of the Raftsjöhöjden village, some 10 km west of Hammerdal in Strömsund municipality, Jämtland county.

The wind farm consists of two sub-projects with separate environmental permits; Gåxsjö-Raftsjöhöjden and Raftsjöhöjden, of which the latter was acquired by Vasa Vind from SCA/Statkraft in August 2013. The two subprojects will be built and operated as one, which gives several synergies such as shared access roads and shared grid connection at the nearby Ollebacken substation. The Ollebacken substation is owned and operated by local grid utility Jämtkraft. From Ollebacken runs Jämtkraft's 130 kV line to Kattstrupeforsen where it connects to SVK's main grid.


The entire project has permit for 23 turbines with 172.5 m tip height.

Wind measurements were made from February 2010 to June 2014 with one 100m met mast, showing good wind resource.

Pre-construction works are ongoing ahead of a financial investment decision.