• Status: Under construction
  • Capacity: 60 MW
  • Number of turbines: 11
  • Location: Strömsund, Jämtland
  • Planned start of operations: 2021
  • Estimated annual production: 200 GWh

About the project
The wind farm Raftsjöhöjden consists of 11 GE 5.5-158 MW turbines with a total installed capacity of 60,5 MW. Eight of the turbines have a hub height of 141 meters and totalt height of 220 meters. The last three a hub height of 121 meters and total height of 200 meters. The construction is initiated during autumn 2020. Read the full press release here!

The wind farm is situated north east of the village Raftsjöhöjden, a few kilometers from Hammerdal in Strömsund municipality, Jämtland County.

The wind farm consists of three sub-projects with separate environmental permits; Gåxsjö-Raftsjöhöjden, Raftsjöhöjden and Ollebacken part two. The three subprojects will be built and operated as one, which gives several synergies such as shared access roads and shared grid connection at the nearby Ollebacken substation. The Ollebacken substation is owned and operated by local grid utility Jämtkraft. From Ollebacken runs Jämtkraft's 130 kV line to Kattstrupeforsen where it connects to SVK's main grid. A local office will be build nearby site.

Raftsjöhöjden wind farm is located about 10 kilometers from Munkflohögen and Åskälen wind farms, commisioned during 2019 and 2020. 

Information for landowners
Maintenance of a wind farm may sometimes be extensive and coordination with other tasks may be required. Therefore, as a landowner or the landowner's representative, you should always contact Vasa Vind well in time before you intend to work with machines in the wind farm area.

If any questions, do not hesitate to contacts the Vasa Vind Team.

Contact information to construction manager
Pär Larsson
070 238 97 97