Wind power turbines at Ytterberg Wind Farm


Construction phase at Åskälen Wind Farm 

Vasa Vind is building the Åskälen wind farms in Jämtland county. The projects will, together with the newly operational Munkflohögen wind farm, consist of a total of 103 Vestas turbines and will generate over 1.1 TWh of renewable electricity once both fully completed in early 2020. More information can be found on the project pages for Munkflohögen and Åskälen.


Wind measurement mast at Munkflohögen wind farm

Vasa Vind have several projects in various size, location and development phase spread over Sweden, with in total about 200 turbines and 600 MW. Two of the projects are fully permitted and the other are in permitting process.

The projects are developed by an experienced internal development team with assistance from various external consultants. Some of the projects have been developed from scratch by Vasa Vind and other have been acquired and further developed. 


Vasa Vind are carrying out the operational management of three wind farms; HavsnäsYtterberg and Åmliden. The three sites, with a total of 98 wind turbines, are owned by our owners, Asper Investment Management. The management consists of both technical and financial management.

The sites were developed and built by Nordisk Vindkraft.

Munkflohögen wind farm is operational since winter 2019. 

Contact information to the operational management team can be found here.

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