Vasa Vind is managing more than 200 wind turbines across 5 wind farms, corresponding to more than 525 MW installed capacity. The annual generation exceeds 1.6 TWh, which corresponds to more than 1 % of Sweden's total electricity generation and more than 6 % of the Swedish's wind farm production. 

We put strong emphasis to manage the assets in a responsible way, where the health and safety of our employees, contractors and others visiting the wind farm have highest priority. By having dedicated site managers placed in local site offices within or near each wind farm, we have good contacts with the local community and we have good control over all activities that are ongoing on site and can maintain high production and high availability. 

External owners are offered a complete solution for the optimal management of the wind farm assets, both technically and commersially. We take care about everything from day-to-day coordination of activities on site, via environmental reporting and technical analysis and optimization to management of contracts and book keeping. We have an established process for the ongoing technical and financial analysis and reporting that meet the highest requirements from professional owners. 

Vasa Vind is managing over 200 wind turbines across 6 wind farms corresponding to 575 MW installed capacity. The annual production exceeds 1.8 TWh - which corresponds to more than 1 % of Sweden's combined electricity generation and more than 6 % of Sweden's wind energy production.

Wind farms in operation

Contact our Asset Management Team

Do you want to know more about how we manage our wind farms? Or do you want to get in contact with us regarding the management of your wind farm? Please contact our Head of Operations Henrik Svahn.

If you want to get in touch with the operation of a specific wind farm of ours, please call our site managers directly (contact details are found following the link to each wind farm) or come and visit us for a cup of coffee at any of our site offices.