Vasa vind initiates construction of Raftsjöhöjden windfarm
Vasa Vind, together with APG and Asper Investment Management, will initiate construction of the Raftsjöhöjden wind farm during the third quarter of this year. The wind farm, which is situated in the municipality of Strömsund,Jämtland County, will use eleven Cypress wind turbines from GE Renewable Energy with a total installed capacity of approximately 60 MW. Read the full Press Release here!

Vasa Vind commissions Åskälen wind farm (21st April)
Vasa Vind has together with Dutch pension fund manager APG and London based Asper Investment Management recently commissioned the Åskälen wind farm in Jämtland county. With an installed capacity of 288 MW it is one of the largest onshore wind farms in Sweden and in Europe. The annual production amounts to nearly 1 TWh, which corresponds to the annual consumption of household electricity for more than 175,000 households. Read the full Press Release here!

Winterwind on Åskälen and Munkflohögen wind farms (3rd February)

During the 3rd of February the international Winterwind conference is organizing a field trip to Åskälen and Munkflohögen wind farms to learn more about Vasa Vind, the development, construction phase and operations on site. Welcome!

Older news

Deliveries of wind turbine parts begin for Åskälen (1st July)

Foundations and roads are now completed and the deliveries of wind turbine towers and wings begin from the month of July and continue until the end of September / October. Installations begin in mid-July.

Vasa Vind inaugurates Munkflohögen wind farm, 23rd March (11th March)
Munkflohögen wind farm consists of 23 Vestas V110 turbines with 180m tip height and a total installed capacity of 48.75 MW. All turbines are operational since winter 2019 and the opening ceremony will be held at the 23:th of March 2019 in Munkflohögen communicty centre ("bygdegård") between 11 am and 3 pm.


Vasa Vind hire operations manager (22nd November)
Vasa Vind have recruited Henrik Svahn, recently operations and maintenance manager at Vindin. At Vasa Vind, Henrik will be responsible for developing the operations management organisation in relation to the company's large expansion with some large projects coming into operation within the next 1.5 years. 

Vasa Vind move to a new head office (17th September)
Vasa Vind have moved to a new head office with address:
Garvis Carlssons Gata 5
169 51 Solna

Vasa Vind take over the operational management of Havsnäs wind farm (2nd July)
Vasa Vind have taken over the operational management of Havsnäs wind farm from 1st of July 2018. Havsnäs wind farm consists of 47 Vestas V90 1.8/2.0 MW turbines and is located north of Strömsund in Jämtland county. The site came into operation in 2010 and is owned to 75% by Asper Investment Management.

Vasa Vind and APG are building another wind farm (22nd December) 
Vasa Vind and APG are building another wind farm in Jämtland. It is project Munkflohögen that consists of 23 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 49 MW and is adjacent to Åskälen wind farm. 

Vasa Vind and APG to build one of Sweden's largest wind farms (30th June)
Vasa Vind and the Dutch pension fund manager APG are building one of Sweden's largest wind farms in Åskälen in Jämtland county. The project consists of 80 wind turbines with a total capacity of 288 MW and will generate almost 1 TWh of renewable electricity per year. The total construction investment is worth about 300 million EUR.