Munkflohögen wind farm

  • Status: Operational since 2019
  • Capacity: 49 MW
  • Number of turbines: 23
  • Turbine model: Vestas V110 2.05/2.10/2.15 MW
  • Location: Östersund, Jämtland (map link)
  • Estimated annual production: 190 GWh

About the project
Munkflohögen wind farm, consists of 23 Vestas V110 turbines with 125 m hub height and 180m tip height. There are a mix of turbine output of 2.05/2.10/2.15 MW giving a total installed capacity of 48.75 MW. All turbines have been fully operational since the first quarter of 2019.

The wind farm is located a couple of kilometers south of the Munkflohögen village in the northern part of Östersund municipality in Jämtland county. The wind farm is
built by the same team as Åskälen wind farm (construction phase completed a
year later than Munkflohögen). The wind farm is linked to Åskälen by a connecting road which reduces transportations within the two sites. Munkflohögen uses the same locally built site office as Åskälen, located in the north part of Åskälen wind farm. 

A 33 kV / 130 kV substation is built in the east part of the site where it will connect to local grid utility Jämtkraft's 130 kV line between Ollebacken and Kattstrupeforsen.

An opening ceremony was held in March 2019 in "Munkflohögen bygdegård"

Information regarding visits or work in the wind farm
The wind site include not only the wind turbines but overhead lines, cables and pipes. When planning work in the wind site you should contact the Site Manager to ensure neither you nor the wind farm equipment could damage.  

During winter is and snow can accumulate on wind turbines and masts. Ensure you keep a safe distance from these to not get damaged by any falling ice. 

Any questions are answered by the Site Manager at Vasa Vind. 

Information for landowners
Maintainance of a wind farm may sometimes be extensive. Coordination with other tasks may be required. Therefore, as a landowner or the landowner's representative, you should always contact Vasa Vind when you intend to work with machines in the wind farm area.

Any questions are answered by the Site Manager at Vasa Vind. 

Contact information to the site management team:
0644 200 77


rotorblad i väntan på montering foto över munkflohögen vindkraftpark

siluettfoto över munkflohögen vindkraftpark kran vid munkflohögen vindkraftpark under byggnation  

låg kran vid byggnation hög kran vid byggnation