Vasa Vind's Åskälen and Munkflohögen wind farms supply ancillary services for the electricity grid

2023-03-31 11:35Press

Since January this year, Vasa Vind's Åskälen and Munkflohögen wind farms in Jämtland have been qualified to deliver the ancillary service ´FCR-D down´ to the Swedish power authority Svenska Kraftnät to support the power system in the event of too high a frequency. During March, the delivery began within the pilot that Svenska Kraftnät is now carrying out.

FCR-D down, which stands for "downward Frequency Containment Reserve Disturbance", is a service that is activated if the frequency in the electricity grid exceeds 50.1 Hz. Within a few seconds, the production in a supporting facility must be temporarily reduced in order to stabilize the frequency. Overfrequency in the electricity grid occurs when the demand for electricity is less than the supply. It can either occur when production suddenly increases or when a major consumption facility or export cable is disconnected.

-The increasing share of renewable energy in the system will likely increase the need for ancillary services. We are happy to be early in delivering stability to the power system and at the same time contribute to the design of the service from resources with variable production, says Henrik Svahn, Head of operations at Vasa Vind.

The work on qualification for participation in the pilot took place during the autumn and winter and was a collaboration between Vasa Vind, the wind turbine supplier Vestas and the respective companies responsible for the balance, Modity and Statkraft for Åskälen and Munkflohögen.

- It has been a good collaboration where each party contributed their expertise. There have not only been technical challenges, but we have, for example, also had to establish new routines for communication and weather forecasting. It has been a lot of work, but it is inspiring to be among the first to deliver FCR-D down with the help of wind power, says Henrik Svahn.