• Status: Operational since July 2010
  • Number of turbines: 47
  • Turbine model: Vestas V90 1.8/2.0 MW, 95 m hub height
  • Installed capacity: 93.4 MW
  • Location: Strömsund, Jämtland (map link)
  • Estimated annual production: 252 GWh

Havsnäs wind farm consists of 47 Vestas V90 1.8/2.0 MW turbines with 95 m hub height. The turbines are located on three hills; Järvsand, Ursåsen and Ritjelsberget, located some 20 km north of the town of Strömsund in Jämtland Three of the turbines have a max output of 1.8 MW and the remaining have a max output of 2.0 MW which gives the site a total installed capacity of 93.4 MW.

The site was built during 2008-2010 and became fully operational in the summer of 2010. The wind farm connects to Svenska Kraftnäts 220 kV grid via an onsite substation located between the three site areas.

Vasa Vind have taken care of the technical management of the wind farm since July 2018 and the commercial maangement since January 2014.

Both Vestas and Vasa Vind have local site offices, close to the substation and conveniently placed between the three site areas. 

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