Hällberget wind farm

Brief facts about the project

Status: In permitting process
Number of wind turbines in application: 123
Tip height in application: 200 m
Estimated annual generation: ca 1000-1500 GWh
Location: Överkalix municipality, Norrbotten.

About the project

The Hällberget wind farm is located in the west part of Överkalix Municipality approximately 30 km west of Överkalix and 100 km north of Luleå in Norrbotten county.

Wind measurements are ongoing since 2011 with two 100 m meteorological measurements masts. One of the masts has been decommissioned but the remaining mast was complemented by two 125 m tall masts during 2020. The measurements show excellent wind resources which makes the area very suitable for wind farm development.

Various investigations and surveys have been ongoing during the past 10 years to determine the suitabiltiy for wind farm development. The area has large areas of commerical forestry and many forest roads. The permit application was submitted in 2014 and permit was given in december 2019. The permit has been appealed.

Questions are answered by Ingemar Stenbeck.