Vasa Vind is now certified in accordance with ISO 45001 for Health & Safety

A safe and healthy work environment for employees, suppliers and all other stakeholders that are affected by our activities is of utmost importance to Vasa Vind. Therefore, we continuously strive to develop our work within this area, and have as a part of this process asked DNV to perform a quality assurance of our management system and routines. We are very happy to inform that as a result of this work has Vasa Vind now been officially certified in accordance with the health & safety standard ISO 45001.

By nature, the wind power business entails a number of risks in the health & safety area, e.g. working at height and with high voltage, lifting activities of heavy components, traffic and transport etc. At a wind farm, there are often several activities performed in parallel. Cooperation and communication between stakeholders is therefore one of the most important areas in order to constantly keep a maximum focus on the health & safety performance.

One of the key components in a strong health & safety work is to constantly find new ways to improve and to keep the topics in present mind. We see this certification as a tool in this process, and look forward to, together with our suppliers and other stakeholders, use this in order to take even further steps in the joint work, says Mattias Sjöberg, CEO at Vasa Vind.