Vasa Vind invests in battery storage in Jämtland

Vasa Vind has taken an investment decision to establish a 20 MW battery storage in connection to the company’s wind farms in the municipality of Strömsund 

The battery storage has a planned commissioning at the turn of the year 2024/2025 and will contribute to an increased stability and flexibility in the power grid, both locally and nationally. This will amongst other be done by offering ancillary services to Svenska Kraftnät, the Swedish TSO. 


We are very pleased to take an active role in the rapidly emerging new energy market and to further contribute to the green transition, says Mattias Sjöberg, CEO at Vasa Vind 


Vasa Vind’s strategy is to develop and invest in new wind farms, solar PV facilities, and battery energy storage solutions.  


– We are looking forward to making more similar investments, both in our existing wind farms as well as in our upcoming large-scale projects such as the 400 MW Hällberget wind farm in the municipality of Överkalix, located next to the green steel industry, says Mattias Sjöberg.  


For further information, please contact 


Mattias Sjöberg, CEO Vasa Vind 


+46 70 618 69 76