Our sustainability commitment
Vasa Vind develop, construct, and operate renewable wind energy. By continuously increasing the access to renewable energy we lead the transition to a sustainable future. Our contribution has so far included development and construction of 397 MW wind power. Onshore wind energy has great advantages compared to electricity generation from fossil fuels. In each development- and permitting process, we work to reduce the environmental impact from the wind farm. The area is surveyed, and the wind farm design is adjusted to reduce the environmental impact both before, during and after construction as well as during the operational phase. During 2021, the operational wind farms reduced CO2 emissions by about 1 104 000 tonnes. 

We at Vasa Vind develop our projects with strong local presence and we have an ambition to build long-term relations with local businesses, municipalities and other stakeholders. We have especially during and after the construction of Munkflohögen, Åskälen and Raftsjöhöjden wind farms been engaged locally, by using local contractors' and having site specific managers with a local presence in the neighbouring communities.  

Health and Safety

A safe and healthy work environment for employees, suppliers and all other stakeholders that are affected by our activities is of utmost importance to Vasa Vind. For example, all wind farm-visitors shall go through a site induction to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge that is required to perform work in the wind farm. In order to adress health and safety related questions continously throughout our organisation, Vasa Vind works and is certified in accordance with the health & safety standard ISO 45001.


Even though Vasa Vind's business is focused on contributing to the society with the creation and management of renewable energy, we don't stop there. We have an holistic sustainability approach where we continously strive to improve and become more sustainable. The term "sustainable" does not only contain the climatic and environmental benefits that the business creates but also focuses on social responsibility towards local and other stakeholders as well as a long-term and professional governance. With the aim to always keep these areas in focus and continously improve, we in Vasa Vind have together with our owners determined a set of sustainability goals that are continously measured and evaluated. 


Vasa Vind’s approach to sustainability focuses on all the major aspects of our business and results in the following goals:

  • Build sustainable, durable and efficient assets
  • Respect and foster the natural habitats around our projects
  • Minimize our use of non-sustainable sources of fuel across our operations
  • Promote responsible development of new projects
  • Sustain local communities around our projects
  • Meet highest H&S standards
  • Promote excellent employment standards
  • Promote new, industry shaping partnerships and technology development
  • Treat our customers, stakeholders and business partners fairly and responsibly
  • Uphold highest ethical standards with third parties
  • Deploy robust systems and processes to manage our business operations


We have actively participated in the GRESB infrastructure assessmentsince 2016. GRESB is the global leading reporting framework for Environmental,Social and Governance (ESG) evaluation. This contains criteria regardingenvironmental responsibility, social responsibility and human rights. In 2022, Vasa Vind reached the maximum 5-star level.

In addition we fully support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and apply them across all our business activities.