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About the project

The wind power project Hällberget is located in the western part of Överkalix municipality, about three miles west of Överkalix town in Norrbotten County.

Wind measurements show very good wind resources, making the area suitable for wind power. Various investigations and studies have been carried out to investigate the area’s other suitability for wind power. The area has forestry roads and large harvested areas.

The permit application was submitted to the Norrbotten County Administrative Board in November 2014. The municipality supported the application and in December 2019 the Environmental Assessment Delegation decided to approve 56 of the 123 plants applied for. The decision was appealed to the Land and Environment Court, which in June 2021 granted permission for 57 turbines. This decision was also appealed, but the Land and Environment Court of Appeal decided in February 2022 not to examine the application, and the permit became legally valid.

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