10 pcs

250 GWh annually


About the project

The Bräknesbacken wind power project is located about 2 miles northeast of Halmstad, between Oskarström and Simlångsdalen. The area is characterized by production forest with elements of marshland and beech forest. Bräknesbacken is estimated to generate an annual electricity production of about 250 GWh. This additional electricity would double Halmstad municipality’s electricity production*. 250 GWh is estimated to be equivalent to household electricity for 50,000 homes**.

* Halmstad municipality’s total electricity production according to 2020 energy statistics from SCB, which are the latest available statistics at regional and municipal level.
** 5000 kWh corresponds to household electricity for a villa

Current events: Application submitted

The permit application has now been submitted to the County Administration Board of Halland. When the County Administrative Board considers the permit application to be complete, the matter will be announced and there will be a further opportunity to comment on the project.

Do you have any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact our project manager - Ingemar Stenbeck