Our ongoing projects

Vasa Vind has long experience of successfully developing, building and managing wind power. The important first step is to identify areas with good wind resources and the opportunity to work closely with the local community and local entrepreneurs. Our project development is always based on a holistic approach with the clear objective of creating a long-term, safe and efficient production of renewable energy.

Our broad and growing project portfolio includes both one of Sweden’s largest wind power projects and a number of other projects in various stages of development. Projects are developed by an experienced team with the help of external consultants. Some of the projects have been developed by Vasa Vind from the start, while others have been acquired and then taken forward to completion.

Want to know more about the construction process? Watch our movie from the construction of Munkflohögen, Åskälen and Raftsjöhöjden below.

Projects under development

Vy från Storåsen mot Åsbotten
Development phase
Development phase

Development phase: Work towards starting consultations or submitting a permit application is ongoing or about to start.

Permitted: The project has been granted an environmental permit and is being prepared for construction.

Construction: The project has started construction.

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Are you a landowner interested in wind energy development? Or do you have a wind energy project where you are interested in working with an experienced wind energy developer to take the next step?

Do not hesitate to contact our project development manager - Anna Wenell.