Health and safety

A good work environment

Vasa Vind develops, constructs and operates wind farms in Sweden. In addition to the activities carried out directly by Vasa Vind’s employees, a significant part of the business consists of procuring, evaluating and steering our suppliers who perform a large part of the work in these areas.

As wind power operations by their nature entail a number of potentially very serious hazards and risks, a safe working environment for employees, suppliers and other stakeholders is Vasa Vind’s absolute top priority. We therefore work continuously to develop our work environment management.

Our systematic health and safety work is carried out with the support of the standard ISO 45001 within which Vasa Vind holds certification.

Health & Safety policy

At Vasa Vind, we therefore work to continuously develop our health and safety work and management system towards the goal of not having any accidents, injuries or cases of work-related illness. A key tool in this work is to set concrete health and safety targets which are continuously followed up on, and where a main theme is to strive to get better every day.

We meet our goals and make our decisions according to the following guiding principles:

We put safety first

  • Our highest priority is to provide safe and healthy working conditions.
  • We work systematically to eliminate hazards and reduce health and safety risks.
  • We meet applicable legal requirements and other requirements, but strive significantly higher.

We act with courage and integrity

  • We believe that it is every employee’s right and obligation to speak out and stop work that is not safe.
  • We pay attention and communicate abouts signs of work-related ill health regarding ourselves, among fellow employees and other stakeholders
  • We take responsibility for how our own behaviour affects our own and others’ work environment.

We work together

  • Our health and safety work takes place in close consultation and participation with both employees and other stakeholders
  • We see the strength in the team and work for increased diversity and with absolute zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination and harassment
  • All employees are actively encouraged to contact management regarding identified shortcomings or opportunities for improvement regarding Vasa Vind’s health & safety work.