Vasa Vind has long experience in developing, building and operating wind farms

Vasa Vind has long experience of successful development, construction and operations of onshore wind farms. The first key step is to identify sites with good wind resources and possibility for close collaboration with local stakeholders and representatives. The projects are developed by an experienced internal team together with external consultants. Vasa Vind has projects in various stages, both green field and in later development already with permission. 

Vasa Vind operates over 200 wind turbines corresponding to almost 600 MW installed capacity

The annual production exceeds 1.6 TWh - which corresponds to 1 % of Sweden's combined electricity generation and about 5 % of Sweden's wind energy production. We put strong emphasis to manage the assets in a responsible way, where the health and safety of our employees, contractors and others visiting the wind farm have highest priority.

Marc Sadarangani new CFO at Vasa Vind

25th of August. We at Vasa Vind are extremely happy to welcome Marc Sadarangani as our new CFO. Marc most recently worked at electricity retailer GodEl in several different finance functions, and also has a solid background in working with sustainable fund investments. Read more here!

We are Vasa Vind

One of the largest developers and owners of onshore wind power in Sweden. We are a contributor of climate change actions through our constant effort to increase the share of renewable energy in society. Our goal is to develop, build and operate sustainable and efficient wind farms.