Number of wind turbines





Vasa Vind has managed the Havsnäs wind farm since 2018. Construction of Havsnäs started in 2008 and the park became fully operational in summer 2010. The wind farm consists of 47 Vestas V90 2.0 & 1.8 MW wind turbines with 95 m hub height. The park consists of wind turbines on three geographically distinct parts, Järvsand, Ursåsen and Ritjelsberget with 21, 11 and 15 turbines respectively. The three park sections are connected by overhead lines to a substation located approximately midway between the areas. There, the electricity produced is exported on Svenska Kraftnät’s 220 kV line. Havsnäs wind farm is owned by Fu-Gen.

Do you have any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact the site manager - Christer Norlén.

Staying in the wind farm

Within the area you can still hike, ski and snowmobile, pick berries and mushrooms, etc. However, in certain weather conditions you need to be alert and pay particular attention to the warning signs. When temperatures approach zero degrees or colder, there is a risk of ice and snow falling from wind turbines and masts. For your safety, you should avoid being near wind turbines and masts due to the risk of falling ice and snow.

There are buried cables and pipes within the wind farm. If you (as a landowner or contractor) are going to dig or carry out work with machinery within the wind farm area, it is important to contact the site manager well in advance to ensure that neither you nor the wind farm’s equipment is damaged.

If you notice a turbine noise or anything else that seems abnormal, please contact us immediately. If you have questions or other concerns, you can also reach us at Vasa Vind via:

Tel: 0644 200 77 (outside office hours, you will be connected to our electricity control center at W3).
E-mail: produktion@vasavind.se