Safe and responsible operation

Vasa Vind owns 165 wind turbines, with nearly 500 MW of installed capacity. We manage another 47 wind turbines with over 90 MW. Our owned and managed facilities together produce more than 1.6 TWh – equivalent to about one percent of Sweden’s total electricity production or five percent of Sweden’s total wind power production. We attach great importance to operating the facilities responsibly. The safety and health of our employees and others, in and around our facilities, is a top priority. At each wind farm, we have dedicated site managers on site to maintain good relations with the local community, maximize production and ensure high availability.

“By safe operation we mean everything from electricity generation to staff health.”

Our wind farms

Wind farms under management

Contact us on operations

Want to know more about overall operational issues? Please contact our operations manager Henrik Svahn.

If you want to get in touch with one of our wind farms, feel free to call our site managers directly (contact details can be found on each wind farm's page) or come in for a cup of coffee in our site offices.