Renewable energy
for a sustainable future

We are Vasa Vind

Vasa Vind is one of Sweden’s largest wind power developers and owners. We contribute to the climate transition and long-term climate goals by helping to increase the production of renewable energy. Through responsible development with respect for the surroundings and the environment, our goal is to operate sustainable and efficient wind farms.

Develops, builds and manages wind energy

Vasa Vind has successfully developed, built and managed wind power for a long time. We have a large and growing variety of projects in different phases, including one of Sweden’s largest wind power projects.

Operates over 200 wind turbines in Sweden

Vasa Vind currently owns and manages over 200 wind turbines corresponding to almost 600 MW of installed capacity. Our annual production is around 1.6 TWh – which is about one percent of Sweden’s entire electricity production and over five percent of wind power’s share.