• Status: Operational
  • Number of turbines: 80
  • Turbine model: Vestas V136 3.6 MW, hub height 112 m
  • Total capacity: 288 MW
  • Lo​cation: Strömsund & Östersund, Jämtland (map link)
  • Estimated annual production: around 930 GWh

About the project
Åskälen (Åskälen-Österåsen) wind farm is located southwest of Hammerdal on the border between Strömsund and Östersund municipalities in Jämtland county, some 50 km north of the city of Östersund. The wind farm consists of 80 Vestas V136 3.6 MW turbines with 112 m hub height and a total installed capacity of 288 MW. The wind farm will generate over 900 GWh of renewable electricity per year. Owner is the Dutch pension fund manager APG. Link to press release of the operations.

The wind farm connects to Svenska Kraftnät's substation in Midskog via a new 37 km long 220 kV overhead line operated by Jämtkraft. A new 33kV/220kV substation has been built in the central of the site to connect to this new power line. The wind farm area had a large network of existing forest roads which have been broadened, reinforced and complemented with new wind farm roads. 

The wind farm, together with the wind farm of Munkflohögen, offers a great working environment in a locally built site office, with wood from site. The site office is located in a central part of the two sites (entry from Lorås on E45). 

Link to an overview map of the two sites. The map "Åskälen Munkflohögen
Vindkraftparker" (in Swedish) is also possible to access through the mobile app "Maprika".

Status in the project
All 80 turbines are installed, commissioned and now operational, read the press release here. The project has been handed over to our operations team.

Information regarding visits or work in the wind farm
The wind farm site includes not only the wind turbines but overhead lines, cables and pipes. When planning work in the wind farm area you should contact the Site Manager to ensure neither you nor the wind farm equipment risk to get damaged.  

During winter ice and snow can accumulate on wind turbines and met towers. Ensure you keep a safe distance from these to not get damaged by any falling ice. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Site Manager at Vasa Vind. 

Information for landowners
Maintenance of a wind farm may sometimes be extensive and coordination with other tasks may be required. Therefore, as a landowner or the landowner's representative, you should always contact Vasa Vind well in time before you intend to work with machines in the wind farm area.

Any questions are answered by the Site Manager at Vasa Vind. 

Contact information to the site management team: 
0644 200 77

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