• Status: Operational since November 2012
  • Number of turbines: 29
  • Turbine model: Vestas V100 1.8 MW, 95 m hub height
  • Installed capacity: 52.2 MW
  • Location: Malå, Västerbotten (map link)
  • Estimated annual production: 154 GWh

The Åmliden wind farms lies between the villages of Åmliden and Rentjärn in Malå municipality, about 20 km south-east of the town of Malå in Västerbotten.

The wind farms consists of 29 Vestas V100 1.8 MW turbines which gives a total installed capacity of 52,2 MW for the site. Construction of the site began in 2011 and was finished in the end of 2012. 

The wind farm connects to Skellefteå Krafts 152 kV grid via an onsite substation.

Information regarding visits or work in the wind farm
The wind site include not only the wind turbines but overhead lines, cables and pipes. When planning work in the wind site you should contact the Site Manager to ensure neither you nor the wind farm equipment could damage.  

During winter ice and snow can accumulate on wind turbines and masts. Ensure you keep a safe distance from these to not get damaged by any falling ice. 

Any questions are answered by the Site Manager at Vasa Vind. 

Information for landowners
Maintenance of a wind farm may sometimes be extensive and coordination with other tasks may be required. Therefore, as a landowner or the landowner's representative, you should always contact Vasa Vind well in advance before you intend to work with machines in the wind farm area.

Any questions are answered by the Site Manager at Vasa Vind. 

Contact information: 
Site management Ytterberg and Åmliden:         
+46(0)953 100 44


vinterbild 1 Åmliden Vindkraftpark  vinterbild 2 Åmliden Vindkraftpark

vinterbild 3 Åmliden Vindkraftpark vinterbild 4 Åmliden Vindkraftpark