About us

Vasa Vind is one of Sweden's leading companies in wind farm development, construction and operations management.

Since the start in 2013 we have expanded and optimized our portfolio, which today containts five operational projects of a total of 525 MW and several development projects with a total of more than 700 MW. Our focus is on onshore wind power.

Vasa Vind have wind farm projects all over Sweden. Our head office is in Stockholm and we also have local site offices in Malå, Havsnäs and Åskälen.


Quality is Vasa Vind's main aim. We put high requirements on revenues and project risk and carefully select the projects that we develop and invest in. All our projects shall meet the following requirements:
  • Resource: Good wind resource, well selected areas, at least one year of onsite wind monitoring before construction, detailed geological ground investigation, optimized design of the wind farm.
  • Equipment: Tested and proven technology from leading manufacturers.
  • Structure: Robust financial structure.
Vasa Vind is fully owned by pension funds managed by Asper IM and is a member of the Swedish Wind Power organisation Svensk Vindenergi.